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TUTORIAL: Rigging in 3D Studio Max

Biped rigging in five easy steps!

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  1. Introduction
  2. Create a biped skeleton
  3. Fit the skeleton to the mesh
  4. Attach the mesh to the bones
  5. Weight the vertices

1. Introduction.
Overview includes the display panel, hiding objects, and renaming the mesh.

2. Create a biped skeleton.
Biped options, skeleton and classic body types, root node and bones.

3. Fit the biped skeleton to the character mesh.
DaVinci pose, figure mode, symmetry, local rotation, ponytail, scale and rotate.

4. Attach the mesh to the bones.
Physique modifier, editable mesh, initialization, vertices, vertex mode, attach, assign to link, bone, lock.

5. Weight the vertices.
Figure mode, changing vertex weights, saving and loading .biped (biped) and physique (.phy) files.

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