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The Latest:

Abby worked on these games most recently.
  • Smart Cycle: Toy Story - plug n play from Fisher-Price, 2009
  • Ghost Chef - demo for X-Box Live, 2009
  • Elmo's A to Zoo Adventure - Wii, 2010
  • Little League World Series - Nintendo DS, 2008
  • Disney Princesses - plug n play from Jakks Pacific, 2010
  • (and others, unlisted)

As Art Director/Art Lead:

Abby was the Art Director or Art Lead on these games.

As Lead Animator:

Abby was the Lead Animator on these games.

As Animator:

Abby animated characters and FX in these games.

As Contributing Artist:

Abby contributed artwork to these games.
  • Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck - Nintendo DS, 2007
  • Unfabulous - GBA, 2006
  • Looney Tunes Double Pack: Dizzy Driving & Acme Antics - GBA, 2006
  • Barbie: 12 Dancing Princesses - Nintendo DS and GBA, 2006
  • Barbie: The Magic of Pegasus - GBA, 2005

As Game Tester:

Abby helped debug and test these games.
  • Pacific Gunner - CD-rom for the PC, 2003
  • Shantae - only for GameBoy Color, 2003
  • WWF Betrayal - GameBoy Color, 2003
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