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I was the Art Director on these two educational Nickelodeon games [LeapFrog Didj, 2008]:

Nicktoons: Android Invasion SpongeBob: Fists of Foam

HUD [Heads Up Display] plus screenshots

I created the HUD art, and worked with an art team to bring these projects together simultaneously.

Wireframe and final result for map menu screen:

Wireframe and final result for level menu screen:

Educational Interactivity

Working from the client's concept art, I worked with artists to develop the user inferace to final art.

Concept Art:

Junction Box early example

From Concept to Final Art:

Junction Box 2 Junction Box 3

Flowchart for Educational Interactivity:

The client provided specific guidelines, which I worked from to develop menus and game elements.

Nicktoons main menu flowchart

Menu Designs

From Flowchart to Final Art:

SpongeBob Main Menu Educational badges SpongeBob Difficulty Select SpongeBob Game Over

Evolving wireframes for the main page of my website:

writing website wireframe 1
writing website wireframe 2 writing website wireframe 3

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